MyUberSelf, moving forward or back?

I’ve been working on the MUS app for a few months now. I’m hoping that as kludgy as it is it still makes it into the hands of the pre-alpha group during the second week of March.

I say kludgy because the app does not have enough features for the polish and fit to be where I want it to be. Having said that, without some of the features in place the initial functionality is a bit hamstrung. I’m still super excited to get feedback from the pre-alpha group to see if the core idea of sharing products that are close to a person for whatever person’s reason may be. A couple of weeks, I hope, and I’ll have that information.

Happy sharing and discovering to the pre-alpha group!

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I’m about to start sharing MyUberSelf with you

The idea of MyUberSelf (MUS) came to me in many forms. The one that is the most profound to me is the discovery process of your current friends and acquaintances.
What does that mean exactly? On more than one occasion I have found new and fascinating things about my friends years after I met them. How do you know who is in to photography, hiking or anything else unless the conversation specifically goes there. We don’t go around asking these questions of everyone we meet. MyUberSelf is way for someone to express themselves with products that have meaning for them. Taking wines as an example, if I am looking for a good wine I check my friends uberWino personality on MyUberSelf. Looking for wines ill see exactly which of my friends are into wines. We already do this naturally with our friends but thus will open up more channels of communication with not only our friends but acquaintances as well. This will lead to better and more satisfying relationships.

How will MUS help with this? Our interests usually involve products that support those interests. As you add to your uberProducts on MUS your online persona will be enhanced. Your friends will be able to see your products and see what you are interested in. To make this a bit more fun and interesting the categorization of products takes on an uberTwist! Each person will be categorizing their products through uberPersonalities. A few examples: uberCasa, uberFashionista, uberWino, uberBookWorm and on. I hope you get the picture. Not everyone will have an uberCasa personality filled out, that’s fine and that’s the point. Everyone will have their own mix of uberPersonalities to share. And you will be able to see what your friends are in to.

BTW, my uberPersonalities: uberVroom, uberCaveMan (I’ll explain this one in a separate post), uberGadgeteer. More to come as I discover what I like and want!

There is a unique uberPersonality named uberWants. uberWants is where you would put the stuff that you are looking to purchase, attain or get. But uberWants can be bigger than just that. uberWants is where you put the stuff you either aspire to get or get to. Anything you really really want. A Ferrari, Stanley Cup, an MBA, even an iPhone 4S. Big and small this is where your friends will learn the most about you. Your dreams, your aspirations, your uberWants! Thinking about what you would put into your uberWants will be an interesting process. Your friends will go through that same process. It will be meaningful to you and them.

MyUberSelf for me and to you.

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